3D Modeling Services

We deliver High-Quality 3D Modeling Services

Welcome to the home of 3D Modeling Services.

At 3D-Modeling-Services.com we provide high quality Custom 3D-Models for a wide variety of purposes.

From engineering to artistic, our 3d modeling team caters to requirements of all types of 3d models.

Our service revolves around customized and specific requirements of each project/customer. High-Poly or Low-Poly we can provide 3D models based on your exact requirements. We also provide multiple versions (high poly and low poly of the same model for projects which require them.)

Our team consists of experienced 3D modeling artists and illustrators with a strong sense of Quality, Commitment and Professional Ethics.

Serving 3d modeling requirements from all across the world, our 3d models have been used in presentations, print media, animations and renderings.

Customized 3D Models

Types of 3D Modeling services successfully handled:

  • Industrial 3D Models (machinery, jigs/fixtures, plants and processes, etc.)
  • Architectural 3D Models (Interior, Exterior, Site Model, etc.)
  • Furniture 3D Models (based on your designs and sketch/photos)
  • Fixtures 3D Models (fixtures and fittings of all types)
  • Jewelry 3D Models (Rings, Necklaces, Pendants, Bangles, Cuff Links, Watches, Bracelets, etc.)
  • Electronics 3D Models (all types of electronics goods and gadgets)
  • Electrical 3D Models (Transformers, Panels, Electrical Parts / Components, etc.)
  • Sports and Hobbies 3D Models (Sports Goods, Toys, Hobby Tools / Kits, etc.)
  • Boat 3D Models (Boats, Ships, Vessels, Yatchs as per your drawings / sketches.)
  • City 3D Models (Plan a locality/City and we will create a 3D Model of it.)
  • Virtual Sets 3D Models (Serving as props and backdrops for a varierty of television shows and movies
  • Character 3D Models (Think of a role, sketch a character, we will model and RIG it for you!)
  • Tools 3D Models (You design/sketch the tools, we model them for you.)
  • Equipment 3D Models (All kinds of equipments across all engineering trades for presentations and design evaluation.)
  • Transportation 3D Models (Air, Road, Sea, Rail ... space travel as well.)
  • Machinery 3D Models (Any machines and size and complexity. You want it modeled, we can do it.)

High Quality & Attention to Details

Quality and timeliness is ensured for all 3D modeling projects handled by us. The turnarounds we provide are suited to match your needs.

Due to the nature of our services (preparing 3d models for new - unreleased - projects/products) all jobs are treated with extreme confidentiality within our office.

Based on customer requirements we are able to deliver both Textured/Non-Textured 3D Modeling services.

General Work Flow Process

  • Inquiry received
  • Requirement Specifics are studied
  • Communication round for clarifications of 3D Model requirements
  • Bid/Quote submitted
  • Pro forma Invoice submitted upon bid approval
  • 50% Advance Payment
  • Work starts on the 3D Model
  • 3D Model file(s) sent for approval at appropriate stages
  • Final 3D Model submitted
  • Balance 50% Payment received
  • 3D Model commercial use release certificate issued to buyer

The 3D-models provided by us come in a variety of formats to allow usage and easy importing in all leading 3d modeling and presentation software tools.

To Discuss your 3D Modeling Requirements write to us at : sales@3d-modeling-services.com

We look forward to provide you with good 3D-Modeling Services.